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Dr. Freddie Ulan, DC, CCN will introduce you to his revolutionary 13-step Nutrition Response Testing procedure. See him test numerous clients and gain an understanding of the miraculous results that are possible.

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For only $195, you will get one year of access to this video series course, along with any future updates. BONUS: Downloadable guides, charts and easy-to-follow reference materials are included.


"I was so excited to learn about a way to perform a nutritional evaluation by using the nervous system. With Nutrition Response Testing, there is no guessing or basing nutrition off symptoms. This analysis allows you to find the primary nutritional needs of the person! The course is very user friendly, straightforward and will give you the steps to start Nutrition Response Testing. I highly recommend it!"

Brian Douts

"The Nutrition Response Testing Online course was easy to follow and helped me become more confident on starting to utilize the 13 steps on my patients right away. Dr. Ulan does an excellent job of explaining each step in detail and walks you through how you would nutritionally support anything you may find. With enough practice from this course, I can be sure I am doing everything I can for my patients."

Valarie Keller

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